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Beginning Your Journey…

Here you are, ready to cast off the shackles of the amateur and rise to the ranks of a professionally taught cook. Regardless of your ambitions, your journey begins with the first step – realizing the need for improvement. I find this step to be the hardest one to make no matter what we decide on doing. I congratulate you on making that first step and wish you so much fun and enlightenment along the way!

A little about myself. I created The Culinary Cook because what prompted my journey into the world of professional cooking was the complete disarray of information regarding the proper foundational techniques that professionals base their craft on. I have been in the industry for over 10 years and started my first job as a line cook in a chain restaurant. Every spot I landed I always learned something new and it wasn’t until I started my professional career through Culinary School 5 years in did I realize how much I actually missed.

Cooking can be tough, it can be stressful, and it can be destructive. It also can be a beautiful, fulfilling passion that fuels creativity and experimentation. It is what you make of it. If your goal is to become a better professional cook and advance the career ladder of the culinary arts, then this site is for you. If you’re learning the basics or relearning bad habits, this site is also for you! My goal is to make it as informative and universal as possible because that is what cooking should be – Pure and from the heart.

Tools of the Trade

Square one is getting yourself outfitted with the proper tools. I can almost see it now – Dull knife, no measurement tools, and missing key items. You may not know what you’re missing, but you can be sure that you’re missing something. While we may not know exactly what you have and what you do not, we have put together a great Resources page with recommendations for Online Courses and Top Brands to outfit your knife roll as well as your kitchen from recommendations from industry chefs and professionals.

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 Getting Your Head in the Game

Also posted in our Resources page. One of my favorite recommendations for aspiring chefs is the rise of online classes over the last few years. Before this, most of the knowledge was hidden behind poorly done YouTube videos filled with misinformation and damaging shortcuts or through expensive and often unattainable course programs. With the advent of of vetted online courses that delve into specialized and highly relevant content around a multitude of topics, it becomes easier than ever to get into the learning headspace.


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#1 For Online Cooking Classes

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The Culinary Cook has partnered with Udemy to provide you with an incredible resource for learning and developing your cooking skill set by learning through a variety of styles and regional cuisines.


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I encourage you to share your experiences and your successes as you explore the culinary world around you. There are a couple different ways to do this:


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