Monday, December 28, 2020

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The Top Chef-Selected Cookware Sets of 2020 Deciding on the best cookware sets for your needs can be daunting. They are an important kitchen tool. I have seen some sets that look decent and priced well that just do not last long. This has caused me to be reluctant in spending a higher amount on better quality cookware sets. In the professional kitchen, longevity and durability are the requirements for...
Ketogenic Dieting is Becoming Huge Over the last few years, a ketogenic diet has become mainstream with more and more people ditching the carbs and sugar and moving towards a healthier diet. As a professional cook, your goal is to help accommodate these eaters just as you would any other dietary preference (Gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.). Working on developing the proper knowledge to help guide you is another skill that chefs, line...

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A Guide to the Best Steak Cuts

When deciding on the best steak cut, there can be a lot of variety and subtlety when it comes to things like texture, thickness,...

The Best Temperature to Cook Chicken

One question that I see come up a lot is "what the best temperature to cook chicken?" The answer to this question is... not...

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