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Oil and Vinegar: Opposites Attract Cooking oils and vinegars are an essential component in the culinary arts and occupy a close position to many chefs hearts. The frequency that they are used makes them an important area of focus for aspiring chefs. Becoming familiar with the various types of oils, their limited range of uses, flavors and smoke points make selection easier when deciding on recipes and substitutes. We discuss the...
Guide to Herbs, Spices, and Flavorings for Food and Cooking Becoming a good cook involves having a wide range of flexibility when it comes to flavoring your food. The balance of herbs, spices, and flavors can make all the difference in the world when wanting to bring out the natural flavors or enhance the flavors of ingredients. While the topic of flavors and flavor profiles is quite deep, I will start...

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What Are Lentils? The Different Types and Varieties Lentils are a nutritious round legume that comes in a variety of different types and sizes. Not...

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