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Learning To Cook Online


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Learning To Cook Online

Are you looking for resources on how to cook online that will help you in your quest in the culinary arts? Maybe you are hoping to find some information on where to begin your culinary journey. There are several resources to help you get started.

Whichever path you end up taking, The Culinary Cook is always here to help you achieve your goals. We offer many resources and reviews for those serious about improving their skills.

The Culinary Cookbook

The Culinary Cookbook is a fantastic resource to have at your fingertips. Downloadable on any device and packed with professional recipes, the value offered is incredible. Learning the same recipes taught in major culinary arts programs makes our cookbook a must-have for any skill level – From home cook to culinary students, to line cooks.

Current Issue: Stocks & Sauces

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In our current issue, we bring over 40+ recipes with highly in-depth recipes, tips, and techniques all brought together in a beautifully crafted high-resolution downloadable PDF. Available now!

the culinary cookbook

Learning to cook serves you for life.

Take some online cooking classes

Free Online Cooking Classes

rouxbe free online course

Nothing is better than learning from the master chefs. They bring countless hours and years of training to provide you with some of the best tricks, tips, and techniques. If you are serious about learning how to cook, get Rouxbe today. Rouxbe is the most comprehensive online cooking course available today. Not only does it offer world-class training, but it is also recognized by the American Culinary Federation as one of the top programs available.

Learn more about Rouxbe here or click here if you are interested in a special free 14-day trial to test the waters.

Rouxbe offers video lessons, instructor-led courses, and professional level recipes designed by chefs with years of experience. Join with a monthly membership or purchase a lifetime course that is recognized by industry professionals. Whether you are looking to make a change in your career, become a culinary professional, or want to improve your skillset, Rouxbe is the top online course in the world.

Start Free Trial

Paid Online Cooking Classes

There are a lot of other online cooking classes you can take. So what we’ve done is specifically reached out to those we believe align with our core beliefs of professional training and staying true to the culinary arts.

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II

Masterclass offers an extremely rewarding and comprehensive course giving you one-on-one access to Gordon Ramsay as he teaches you with two courses. We highly recommend you get the All-Access pass which would give you complete access to every Masterclass course on the site (Including Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking Part I & II).

Masterclass for Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes At Home
from: MasterClass

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking I

Masterclass Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking
from: MasterClass


Udemy Generic 640x480
Simple, affordable and the top learning resource on the web. Udemy is a quality resource that The Culinary Cook is confident in recommending for our readers

Buy the Proper Cookbooks

A big inspiration for going to culinary school when I was a humble line cook at the local chain restaurant was my desire to learn the basics. Everywhere I looked, I found that the advice given through the internet or from cooking shows tends to be altered. I could not find any traditional or basic foundations to allow my creativity a solid base to build from.

If I were to go back 15 years and give myself some advice, it would be to start my journey diving into some of the best cookbooks you can find that are time tested and true. Not only would I have been set on the proper path from the get-go, but I also would not have had to unlearn the bad habits I picked along the way.

You can’t get better at something without going out there and just giving it your best shot. And what is fantastic about cooking is that its a passionate and artistic way to express yourself.

One of the most meaningful phrases that I was told by one of my chefs happened when I was learning how to portion out filet mignon. It was nerve-wracking to have the task of ensuring not only that the first cut is as close to 8oz’s as possible, but not to waste or make a mistake because of how expensive the cut was. The self-inflicted pressure put on me made it that much more difficult to complete the task quickly and effectively. My chef saw this, came up and said “Look, anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. Just get in there and you’ll learn on the way”. 

That moment spoke to me more than I think he wanted it to because he was right. Everyone has to start somewhere and anything worth doing is worth doing no matter the outcome.

Take my advice that I wish I could have given to myself and pick up these classic cookbooks. The links here are affiliate links, and clicking them helps support our site at no cost to you.

The Flavor Bible – Karen Page

Probably the most common book I see on the shelves of every executive chefs office. The flavor bible is all about profiles and combinations. Not only is this book essential, but it is also required if you have any ambition in the kitchen. Get the book here.

On Food and Cooking – Harold McGee

If understanding more about the science of cooking and the culinary arts, On Food and Cooking is another well-respected classic to get your hands on. Incredible theory and history of cooking and how it evolved. Get the book here.

Larousse Gastronomique: The World’s Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia – Librairie Larousse

A full encyclopedia on everything to do about cooking. An amazing resource to have at your disposal whenever you run into a wall on terminology, technique, or phrases and translations. Must have. Get the book here.

Modernist Cuisine – Nathan Myhrvold

A must for modern cooking. Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking is an encyclopedic treatment of cooking. Its six volumes of 2,438 pages explore the history of cuisine and explain the science of cooking in a way that’s accessible to both professional chefs and home cooks. Created by a team of scientists, chefs, editors, and writers, these volumes explore research spanning the field of culinary science, with careful attention to practicality and applicability in the kitchen. Through gorgeous illustrations and otherworldly techniques, this set will inspire you to innovate in your own. Get the book here.

Professional Formal Training

The culinary art is a discipline that requires hands-on learning. It is a trade that is learned slowly and the skills you learn are built over time. The content on The Culinary Cook helps people learn how to cook online but still requires that you take that knowledge into the kitchen and get practicing.

A lot can be said about the path of formal training. During my time as a professional cook, I typically saw two types of cooks in the kitchen: The 5-year veteran still making fundamental mistakes, and the formally trained culinary arts student who thinks he knows everything. Of course, these two dynamics tend to blend together after about 15 years. But the culinary arts students learn fundamentals that are served lifelong.

Culinary arts programs are offered at almost every community college. Generally, most of the content tends to be very similar due to course load being set by the governing trades body.

Choosing to Attend a Culinary Arts Program

If you’ve decided on going down the formal route, congratulations! You are in for an amazing experience. If your love for cooking has brought you here, then honing it through formal training is the best way to get the most out of your passion. Everything you see here on The Culinary Cook is based on formal culinary arts training and everything you find will be taught in a culinary arts program.

Meet the Head Chef

When you’re attempting to check out a local culinary arts programs, be sure to meet the Head Chef. A good culinary arts school has many different chefs with certain strengths.

Ask the chef where he trained, where he had worked before.

Speak to Some Alumni

Facebook is a great resource for this. See if you can find any previous students and ask them about the program.

The kitchen can be chaotic and stressful. Dealing with stress is a very important skill.
The kitchen can be chaotic and stressful. Dealing with stress is a very important skill.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Cooking is a stressful and demanding trade. It takes a certain type of personality to live in the chaos. Cooks work long hours and are not paid very well. It is rare to find yourself in a position to work at the best restaurants and when you do, it will own your day and night.

It is a rewarding occupation if you find yourself surrounded by like-minded professionals. It is wise to avoid the destructive side of the culinary industry.


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    • Eliza, check out some of the resources we have on the site and on this page to help you get started. There are tons of resources online but don’t forget – cooking is done in the kitchen!

    • I always recommend a good cookbook to start. When I was learning, I would watch the professionals on TV/Youtube such as Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, etc. I would start with the Masterclass as it is a fantastic course to get you started.


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