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The Culinary Cook Articles The Top 5 Professional Stand Mixers of 2019

The Top 5 Professional Stand Mixers of 2019


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Choosing The Best Professional Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are one of the most invaluable tools you can have in your kitchen and owning one tends to increase your efficiency substantially. Choosing the right stand mixer can mean the difference between a tireless workhorse in the kitchen, or a finicky diva. 

In this post, we have updated our rankings for the top professional stand mixers for 2019. We have included ‘Professional’ because consensus from home cooks and professionals alike that the consumer or low cost mixers just don’t cut it.

We explore the top stand mixers for the budding home cook, freshly graduated culinary arts student, or a new stand mixer for the in house patissier. There is a large variety of different types and prices of stand mixers around, however, there are only a few that are worth your time. Be savvy with your purchase and use the tips we provide to help you make the right decision.

How To Choose The Best Professional Stand Mixer

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Choosing the best professional stand mixture comes down to several key factors; quality, longevity, power. There is a ton of terrible products out there that have plastic bowls and proprietary attachments. The purpose of this article is to take the guesswork out of choosing the right stand mixer for your home or professional needs.

Best Entry Level Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Classic Plus Series Stand Mixer

This professional stand mixer is popular with the professionals who have fond memories of this classic stand mixer from the days when they were of all metal construction and sported an iconic design. The KitchenAid Classic Plus Series is a tried and true design with an excellent gear system that will hold up to the toughest of kneading. The main reason you should choose this professional stand mixer, in particular, is that it takes a lot of what made the old original so popular. Top notch design, metal construction internally and externally means that it will hold up to usage very well. Please don’t go cheap. You’ll break the damn thing the first time you decide you want to make a loaf of bread! Get something beefy, like the Classic!

All professional stand mixers will do the job adequately. What you are buying with this professional stand mixer is its ability to remain “on” for a longer period of time with less downtime than a cheaper model. This unit will plow through yeast dough will ease and will have minimal gear slow down while doing so. All the things you want in a quality unit.


KitchenAid KP26M1PSL Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer – $399.99 –

Now we are beginning to get into true-blue professional stand mixer’s that a proper chef would not be embarrassed about having in his kitchen. This Professional Series unit holds has much more power and has a larger volume for mixing, making it perfect for the beginnings of production cooking. The attachments are of commercial quality and will last many years of heavy usage. The lift stand provides easy access in order to scrape down the bowls with ease.

So why would you choose this professional stand mixer? If you are interested in quicker and more efficient production time, or if you are interested in purchasing a unit because you value top quality, then this is the top of line unit for home use and the beginning of commercial use. This unit combines the power of a commercial unit with the convenience of a smaller size that’s perfect for your home kitchen. The internal gears of made of high-quality metal which provide this unit with a high running time with little needed for cool down periods. The mechanics are kept simple internally so any repairs, although rare, are quick and inexpensive. KitchenAid did a quality job with this unit and heard what not only industry professionals were demanding from their units, but also what home users who insist on quality expect from their professional stand mixer’s.


KitchenAid 7 Qt. Commercial Stand Mixer – $699.99

The KitchenAid Commercial series is designed to fulfill the needs of a full production kitchen focused around the bakery and bake shop. These professional stand mixers are hardy, fully functional units designed for the tough demands of strong yeast dough and high gears for fast rotations. This unit provides high-end performance and comes with a lift stand for easy removal. This professional stand mixer also has an impressive 1.3 horsepower engine fed with a direct current (DC) motor.

You want this unit if you are mixing upwards of 4-6 loaves of bread at a time, or mixing up to 14 dozen cookies at one time. For home use, it mows downmixing time and kneads the dough so quickly that the standing to rise portion seems to take an eternity by comparison. Top quality internal parts similar to the professional series but with a much more high powered motor and larger volume bowl. Wowza.


Hobart N50 5 Qt. 3 Speed Stand Mixer – $2517.99

The consumer end of the professional stand mixers tends to be dominated by KitchenAid and for very good reason. They produce the best quality products that are used as an industry standard right from the Classic up to the Commercial line and are used extensively by industry professionals.

So along comes a new challenger in the ring, but in reality, the Hobart brand mixer has been used professional for decades. It does not focus on appealing to consumer visual demands and only comes in a beautifully bland grey color. But that’s OK! Because not only is it incredible power and insanely reliable brand. So while people love to reminisce about how much better quality things were back in the day, the Hobart is a testament to the fact that quality and longevity is still around, just regulated to the commercial sector.

It’s rare to see a Hobart available and if you do, they are typically used and passed on by tearful chefs. These units are expensive, but they will literally last you generations. Buy this, and your grandkids will be using this mixer to make yeast bread for their children!


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here you have it. A quick and dirty rundown of the stand mixers that we here at the Culinary Cook recommend for anyone in the market to have one. Even if you’re not in the market, if you don’t have a stand mixer and you love to cook – it’s time to get serious! If you are interested in learning more about how to get the most out of your new stand mixer, head over to the Bake Shop and brush up on your Yeast Breads and Quick Breads while you’re at it here at the Culinary Cook and learn more!


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  1. The reason the Hobart mixer looks similar to the Kitchenaid is that Kitchenaid used to be a division of the Hobart Corporation. The “Kitchenaid Division” of Hobart Corporation was sold to Whirlpool 1986.

    I have an old pre-1986 Hobart Kitchenaid K5-A model that my mother purchased sometime in the 1970’s. Still works great.


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