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The Culinary Cook is proud to offer our visitors a professionally-curated cookbook with no BS. Taken directly from the curriculum of major culinary arts programs around the world, we offer high-quality, downloadable cookbooks packed with recipes and techniques.

We believe in low-cost informational products designed to offer maximum value for our readers from every corner of the globe. We continually add issues as we can, and if you would like to contribute to our next issue contact us at [email protected].

Current Issue: Foundational Stocks & Sauces

November 2019

In This Issue...

40+ Recipes

Detailed and High Res

All Mother Sauces & Major Derivatives

Classics like bechamel, demi-glace, and more.

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Home cook | culinary student | line cook

It doesn't matter what experience you have, our cookbooks are designed for every skill-level. Beginners learning the basics, home cooks learning to level-up, or skilled line cooks needing quick reference.

Throw it on your phone, tablet, or desktop and have our cookbooks on-demand when you need them.


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